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A. General
• Weight loss (obesity)
• Body aches with felling of heaviness in the body.

B. Heart & Blood.
• High cholesteroal levels
• Atherosclerosis
• High blood pressure due to hypercholesterolemia.

C. Lungs & Airways.
• Common cold (acute phase during running nose)
• Cough with thin white phlegm
• Asthma (chest congestion due to phlegm)

D. Digestive Health.

• Constipation with mucous or sticky stool
• Loss of appetite
• Indigestion
• Gas or flatulence
• Bloating
• Abdominal distension
• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


Trikatu is a classic Ayurvedic herbal blend of pippali, ginger, and black pepper. These herbs work in synergy to stimulate the digestive fire, or agni, allowing for more efficient digestion in the stomach while promoting proper bile flow, healthy detoxification and fat metabolism. Dosage The dosage of Trikatu Tablet is 500 mg twice a day. If the dosage increases from one gram per day. It may cause heartburn or acidity. Therefore, we consider the maximum dosage of Trikatu powder is 1000mg a day. Best adjuvant. • Pure honey • Warm water

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